Nov 2016 




Polio kills and paralyses young children.

It spreads at an alarming rate and there is NO cure.

But, it can be easily PREVENTED through immunisation.

This Crocus is PURPLE like the dye put on the fingers of children to show that they have bee immunised.

25 Years ago, Polio affected 350,000 children each year.

Thanks to the work of Rotary and others, there were ONLY 74 CASES in 2015.


With your help we can make history and completely wipe out Polio.




Rivermead Rotary Still Going Strong

Rivermead Walk to WrittleRivermead Rotary Club does it again with another successful fundraising event for the J's Hospice on Saturday 16th July 2016. Rivermead members along with friends, accquaintances, children and dogs all joined together to enjoy what turned out to be a very enjoyable sponsored walk from Chelmsford to Writtle and back again. The sun shone all the way, and on their return they were greeted by the wonderful aroma of bacon sizzling on the barbeque along with thirst quenching orange juice. Prosecco and coffee was also available. The morning event ended with a raffle, and as a result of everyone's generosity, a total of £451 was raised.


Rivermead's Favourite Number

Rivermead's favourite numberRotary in Chelmsford this month not only celebrates the handover from one President to the other, but the inclusion of some new members.

Rivermead Rotary has inducted FIVE new members...



Strawberry Tea Party at Rivermead

Rivermead Strawberry Tea Party smallThe Strawberry Tea event organised by the Rotary Club of Chelmsford Rivermead was a great success. What a wonderful sunny afternoon to bask in a beautiful garden eating delightful strawberries with cream and drinking tea, Heaven! more>>>



The J's visits Rivermead Rotary

Js Logo SmallIt is doubtful that there are many people in the Chelmsford area who have not heard of The J’s Hospice but how many people know what they really do? Jo Colbert from the hospice came to speak to the members of Rivermead Rotary Club this month and talked with passion and feeling about the J’s, as it is known more>>>


All Change at Chelmsford

Rotary Logo plainWell, It's that time again when some members of Rotary in Chelmsford can now start to relax a little, while other members have to say goodbye to any spare time they have and put their private life on hold for a more>>>


Pat Gaudin Stands Down

Pat GaudinHow quickly we reach the end of a Rotary year!

You may know already that I am standing down from the Rotary District Public Relations Committee after three years as chair and a few years before that on the committee. Fortunately the other members of the team remain with Stan Keller at the helm. I hope that you agree that we have come a long way in recent years with our attempt to blend traditional and new.

Some of our clubs have had great local media coverage and there has also been pioneering in the social media world. And a number of clubs have succeeded in combining traditional and modern! I will continue to watch Rotary District 1240 advancement as well as helping my own Rotary Club of Chelmsford Mildmay to contribute to the modern world. So whether you remain in your current positions as club officers, or you are handing over to a.n. other – may I wish you and your club great success in 2016-17. It’s been a pleasure to work with you. Best, Pat Gaudin

Rivermead's new President
Paul Beasley-Murray

Paul-and-MabelIn preparing for my speech tonight, I thought I needed to do some research. So I went on to Google and put in the phrase, ‘handover jokes’, but all I could come up with more>>>


The End of my Year

Mabel ButcherThe evening had arrived. It was time to handover to incoming President Paul Beasley-Murray. It seems hard to believe that a whole year has passed since I was given 'The Gong', which I wore with pride at each breakfast more>>>


Supper for Mencap

Paul Washing UpThe Queens long reign was celebrated by members of Rivermead Rotary Club, their family and friends at a supper held at the home of John and Yvonne Spence one sunny Saturday in June... read more>>>


Sabah checks out the new oven at Mencap

Cookery SmallSabah Ebrahimi was the first person to try out the new oven at the Mencap centre in Chelmsford. The oven that was donated to the centre by the Rivermead Rotary Club has finally been installed and is being put through it's paces at the cookery classes held for the service users of the centre.

Everyone at the centre was thrilled that the long awaited appliance has finally arrived... read more >>>


Mochudi Research Centre for the Blind

Bore Hole DrillingThe Mochudi Resource Centre in Botswana, which for 44 years has been promoting education of children with visual challenges at it's 79 child Residential centre, and now with provision of Rehabilitation and Resettlement programs. This centre has outgrown it's current resources and is planning a new facility for some 400 people. Rivermead Rotary Club are raising funds to provide a borehole for all the water for this new facility and it's Baboon proof vegetable garden. The Garden has been costructed by students from Anglia Ruskin University, which has an ongoing relationship with Mochudi.


Raising the visibility of Rotary International

Rotary Shop smlThe Members of the Five Rotary Clubs in Chelmsford joined together in taking turns to spend some time talking to the customers in the Charity 4Good Shop in the City during Rotary week.

The idea was to help raise the visibility of Rotary to the public and to share with them some of the fantastic achievements that Rotary has managed over the years... read more>>>


A time for Reflection

ReflectionWhere does one go when they need to just get away? When the troubles of the world and everyday life seem just too much of a burden to bare. Stewart McCredie may just have the answer, he is the Manager at The Retreat House in Pleshey, a place where anyone can go to just have some quiet time and recharge the batteries... read more>>>


Hats off to Rivermead Rotary Club

Hats off to RivermeadAnother result for Rotary in Chelmsford, with Mabel Butcher and her fellow Rotarians at the Rivermead Rotary Club coming through once again with another successful pledge fulfilled. The Mencap Centre in Chelmsford have now taken delivery of a beautiful new oven that has been desperately needed for the last four years. Well done to everyone who helped make it possible, Mabel was there when the oven arrived and the smiles on everyone's face made it all worthwhile, thank you to everyone who donated their time and money... read more>>>


Holding the Line in Essex

Small MapAt the end of the last Ice Age (around 10,000 - 12,000 years ago), melting ice resulted in a large volume of water carrying sediment to the coast of Essex. It was deposited offshore to form extensive mudflats exposed at low tide... Read more>>>


Scatter Week again for Rivermead

RivermeadWhat is "Scatter Week"? It is where  members from a Rotary Club takes time out from their regular meeting in order to visit one of their fellow Rotary Clubs, and this week Rivermead did just that. To find out more about Rivermead's visit to Colchester Centurion, you can read the article that was submitted by Rivermead's Vice President Paul Beasley-Murray read more>>>


Some Hope for Ethiopia

Ethiopia HopeMike King and his Wife Angie went on holiday in 2003 to Ethiopia. They visited friends who were doing Voluntary Service Overseas in the area of Bahir Dar, by the time they had left, they realised that the people there were in need of help and decided to do something about it...Read more>>>


Rosemary Frampton and Church Recording 

Rosemary FramptonEver wondered what Church Recording is?

We had a very interesting speaker at the Rivermead Rotary breakfast meeting about how trained groups of volunteers catalogue and record the contents of churches across the country... Read more>>>


Rotary Breakfast and Bloomberg Business 

Bloomberg Business and Anglia RuskinMembers from the five Rotary Clubs in Chelmsford enjoyed breakfast at The Anglia Ruskin University before being given a tour of The Bloomberg Business Facility at the Chelmsford Campus... Read more>>>


Rotary Roundup Radio

Rotary Roundup Radio Show in Chelmsford

Well it's happened. Another great day for Rotary in Chelmsford, with the first airing of it's monthly Radio Show... Read more >>>


Abbie Ward and Lottie AnsteeThe Rotary Clubs of Chelmsford held a highly entertaining competition of young musical talent on the evening of 15th January at St. Cedds School in Chelmsford...READ MORE >>>


Rivermead Wins

Golf Trophy won by Rivermead Rotary ClubWell Done to The Rivermead Rotary Club for winning the 2015 Golf Championship Trophy. Mabel Butcher, the Club President took great delight in receiving the trophy on behalf of the Club at the District Council Meeting in Writtle on the 7th January 2016.


Paper Bags are so useful 

The Paper Bag Store 150It looks like it won't be long before the trustee plastic carrier bags will be just a memory. Every where you go now to shop, you hear the same thing... "Would you like a bag?, they're 5p". No thank you is the reply, it's quite funny how we will pay £60 for an item of clothing, and then when asked for 5p for the bag to carry it home in, we would rather not pay it. It would seem Paper Bags are the future and one man that is helping to shape that future in the Paper Bag market is businessman Andy Jeffery who took time out from his busy life to come and share his story with us over breakfast...READ MORE >>>

Santa visits South Woodham Ferrers 

Santa with Mabel Butcher from Rivermead Rotary 150Once again the members of South Woodham Rotary club along with 3 members from the Rivermead Rotary Club accompanied Santa around the town of South Woodham in the lead up to Christmas. This is something the South Woodham Club has done for the last 30 years raising money for Rotary Charities...READ MORE >>>

Champagne Breakfast with Rivermead Rotary 

Rivermead Rotary Champagne Breakfast 150The Rivermead Rotary Club played host to a packed house as sixty seven fellow Rotarians and friends as well as the Mayor of Chelmsford all sat down for a delicious... READ MORE >>>

RIBI President of Rotary visits the District 

RIBI President Peter Davey 150A good time was has by all at this Christmas get together for the RIBI President's visit to the District on Sunday 6th December 2015 at the Ivy Hill Hotel in Margaretting. There was a jolly atmosphere whilst we ate our turkey dinner followed by, what else but christmas pudding and mince pies...READ MORE >>>

A Gift to the World 

Christmas Concert Chelmsford CathedralWith it's Gothic Architecture and the wonderful Tree of Life stained glass window, Chelmsford Cathedral was the venue for a Christmas Concert organised by Rotary and Inner Wheel in aid of Charity...READ MORE >>>

Pointless Quiz organised by Rotaract 

Pointless Quiz at RotaractChelmsford Rotaract held a quiz night based around the TV game show 'Pointless', as a charity fundraising evening. They were asking people to come up with answers to questions that most other people don't think of, with the obscurest knowledge being the most valuable. How pointless is your knowledge? Join us to find out! READ MORE >>>



Christmas Lights in Chelmsford

Rotary and Mulled Wine in ChelmsfordA perfect evening for the Christmas Lights Switch On event this year. Clear sky, no rain and as one would expect, rather chilly round the edges. As usual, Rotary was there with members from all five Clubs in Chelmsford proudly supporting their respective Clubs. They were serving Mulled Wine, Hot Chocolate, Mince Pies and Cookies to the public to help keep them warm while they enjoyed the entertainment in the lead up to the big switch on that marks the start of the festive season in Chelmsford... READ MORE >>>

Quadrant Evening in Chelmsford

Rotary Quadrant012This is an enjoyable and exciting evening for all Rotarians in Chelmsford, their friends and family. Each year one of the Chelmsford Rotary Clubs takes the lead in organising the event, meeting with the management at the Quadrant in Chelmsford and together planning the theme, the food and most importantly the Catwalk Show. This year it was the turn of the Chelmsford Rotary Club. (Rivermead Rotary Club was at the helm last year.) READ MORE >>>


Quadrant Pictures from the Evening Event

If you would like to view the pictures that we took during the Quadrant Evening on Wednesday 18th November 2015, then click on the links below to see some very brave Ladies and Gentlemen strutt their stuff in aid of Charity. Well done to all involved.

Set 1

Set 2

Curry and Quiz Night

Curry and Quiz Night at MencapA very enjoyable Curry and Quiz evening was held at the City of Chelmsford Mencap Centre on Friday 13th 2015 in aid of the Mencap Charity. Among the nearly fifty people who attended there were twelve Rotarians from the Rivermead and Phoenix Clubs from Chelmsford.

There was a crisp tasting to begin the evening with some correct but many wrong answers. Why would anyone want to eat steak and onion crisps? READ MORE >>>

Mulled Wine with Rivermead Rotary 

Mulled Wine by RotaryRadio station playing the music, big screen showing the pictures and Rotarian's selling Mulled Wine, making it all well worth going into Chelmsford City Centre on Sunday 22nd November 2015 to witness the big switch on, Christmas Lights in Chelmsford.


Rotary District Conference 2015

rotary district conferenceSaturday 24th October 2015 saw the third and final day of the Rotary District Conference at Writtle. Rivermead Rotary Club were proudly represented by three of their members namely Mabel Butcher President, Phil Grigg and Jim Thurston. They all had a very productive day, rubbing shoulders with friends and fellow Rotarians while tucking into Bacon Rolls Biscuits and far too much tea and of coffee... READ MORE >>>

A visitor from Rotary India

3201Today, our regular morning breakfast that we all enjoy at "The Secret Garden" in Chelmsford was a little different as we all shared the table with one of our International Brothers... READ MORE >>>


Northey Island Trip

Northey IslandYet another lovely summers day on 8th August 2015, and a few members of the Rivermead Rotary Club along with some friends enjoyed a picnic and the wonderful hospitality of Caretakers Martin and Bo Palmer at Northey Island near Maldon in Essex... READ MORE >>> 

Strawberry Tea Party

Strawberry Tea PartySaturday 18th July 2015 saw a Strawberry Tea Party held in Chelmsford at St John's Church hall in Vicarage Road... READ MORE >>>

Rivermead Rotary President's Handover

Rivermead HandoverThe 1st of July 2015 saw the end of yet another successful Presidency for the Rivermead Rotary Club in Chelmsford. Well done to Mike for all his hard work throughout the year... READ MORE >>>


Change a Life, Send a Cow

the send a cow projectSend a Cow is a UK-based international development Charity that works with poor African farmers to promote self-sufficiency through the development of small sustainable businesses based on growing and selling food.
Send a Cow was founded in 1988 by a group of UK dairy farmers in response to European Union milk quotas which forced the slaughter of healthy dairy cows and an appeal for milk in Uganda... READ MORE >>>